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Questions to Ask your Christmas Lights Installer

As we talk with different people throughout the Valley, we run into competition from some very interesting angles. Some of the competition is good and we welcome it. But some of the competition we run into comes from not so reputable sources. While we love healthy competition and feel it is one reason why our Country is so fantastic, we do not engage in disparaging other companies or individuals. As a result, we thought we would write up a couple of questions we suggest you ask to everyone you look to work with for your Christmas Lights in Utah. Here is the list:

  1. Is your company licensed and insured? Man we run into this a lot. You get lots of individuals who are putting up Christmas lights in their spare time. While this isn’t necessarily a negative, if they are not licensed to do business under the State of Utah it is a problem. Reputable companies will also carry a Liability policy through their insurer.
  2. Are the lights you use rated for residential and commercial use? You really don’t want your lighting company to go down to WalMart or Sprinkler World to buy your lights. While alright for most applications, make sure if the company is cutting your lights specifically to your home that they are lights designed for that purpose. Using anything else is irresponsible.
  3. What am I buying with my lights? Make sure you understand the ownership of your materials. For example, at TipTop Lighting we offer two pricing structures for materials for our clients — the purchase of your lights and a lease option. When you purchase your lights they are yours. We will store them over the summer if you would like, but if you call us at any time and ask us for them back, we will happily provide them to you. For our clients on a budget, we do offer a three year lease, where you basically split the payment for your materials over three years. Those lights become your property at the end of the three years.
  4. What type of warranty do you offer? This is important. If your lights are being purchased at WalMart, for example, there will be no warranty. But a quality provider to come to your home and replace bulbs that burn out a couple of times during the season and insure all bulbs are lit when they are initially hung. But what if a whole strand burns out? What will the company do then?

You have a choice in who you work with for your Christmas lights in Utah. We know that. TipTop Lighting is Utah’s premier residential and commercial Christmas light design and installation team. Call us at 801.770.3320 today and we will send someone out to work with you to help you realize your vision for the outside of your home this holiday season.

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  1. We got Christmas Lights this year from Tip Top Lighting and they did a Great job! They were up fast, look good, easy company to work with and all worth the price!

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