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Our Process

When you buy your own lights at a store, you are stuck with the lengths that you are sold. Most of the time, you will be over or under on the number of linear feet you need to finish your home. This is not the case with TipTop Lighting. Our professional installers come to your home and custom tailor your lights to fit your house exactly the way you want them to. Your lights look sharp and crisp as they cover the exact area that you decide on.

At TipTop Lighting we have a highly efficient process to help you add the beauty to your home that you want from holiday lighting. Here is the step by step process that you will be guided through by one of our employees as they help you with your initial estimate.

1. Select the type of lights you would like to use. While there are lots of options for you when it comes to choosing what type of lights to use on the outside of your home, TipTop Lighting will give you the choice of using LED lights or incandescent lights. While they are tough to tell apart once on your home, with LED lights your energy consumption is much lower. The typical cost of running LED lights for 5 hours per night for 30 days is less than $6.00.

2. Select the color of bulbs you would like to use. While both LED and¬†incandescent¬† bulbs look fantastic on your home and you can choose the colors that you would like to use on your home — you aren’t limited to just white. Here is the color pallet that you can choose from…

3. Select the size of bulb to use. The larger the area you would like to cover, the larger the bulbs that are used should be. We can even adjust the spacing between the bulbs to match your vision, but the biggest factor when trying to determine how bright you would like your display to be is the bulb size. You can choose between a C7 and C9 sized bulb.

4. Choose which areas of your home you would like to light. Once at your home, our professional estimator will walk you through some of the options and which areas of your home you should consider lighting. You have the final say, of course, and we will work with you to make sure the final product matches your vision.

5. Select your accessories. There are simple accessories that we can help you add to make your project look like it cost much more than it did. We like to suggest you consider lighting trees and shrubbery that is already in place in your lawn to add depth and texture to your display. Adding wreaths, lit and unlit, to your home can also provide you with and improved look.

6. Schedule your installation. When it is convenient for you, our professional installers will come to your home to install your lights. They will walk through a quality check with you to make sure the lights meet both the written bid and your expectations. A representative from TipTop Lighting will call you after the fact to complete an additional quality check. If you have bulbs that go bad or need a fix of your lights for any reason, call us at 801.770.3320 and we will get a tech out to you within 48 hours.

Remember, if you want to work with a professional team that focuses on affordable Utah Christmas light installation, call Tip Top Lighting today to schedule your free bid. Our work is featured in Salt Lake County, Utah County, and Park City.

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